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email househunting

Email Marketing Housekeeping: Getting Email Addresses Right

21 March 2018

Why are Up-To-Date Customer Email Addresses So Important? The key to a successful, long-term email marketing campaign alongside a good email marketing automation strategy and engaging content is deliverability. Deliverability should be any email marketers primary concern, and it should go without saying that there’s no deliverability without correct email addresses. The greatest threat to email marketers is the risk…

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email spam

This Isn’t a Scam… Here is Our Risk FREE, Once in a Lifetime, no Purchase Necessary, Certified Blog Post on How You Can Avoid Common Spam Words.

13 March 2018

What’s Wrong With Spam? For starters, it’s annoying— but you already knew that, and you’re not here because you want to be told something you already know. The real problem with spam is that your genuine marketing efforts might get lumped in with all the Nigerian princes out there. The issue is that email clients recognize spam when they see…

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christmas vegas

Santa Claus is Coming to Town… With Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Businesses!

02 December 2017

Winning Christmas Campaign Strategies to Increase Revenue Christmas Cross-Sells Cross-selling is a useful technique for any E-Commerce site, and that’s most definitely the case at Christmas. Think about it: if your customer orders something that’s obviously a present or is obviously for decorating their house in the festive spirit, then you know exactly what else they’re likely to want. Use…

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