The Top 20 Websites To Use For Promoting Your Startup

The Top 20 Websites To Use For Promoting Your Startup

If you’re just starting out with your new company, you’re going to need some exposure. The internet is by far the most important tool at your disposal. There are literally hundreds of websites which offer you a place to start promoting your business, and get your name into the spotlight.

But how do you know where to start? Fortunately for you, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are, in no particular order, the 20 best sites on which to promote your startup. They’re suitable for businesses in almost any industry, and can help you gain much-needed visibility.

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New Startups is a very versatile site where you can share your startup with the world. Viewers of the site can view all the latest startups that have been recently submitted, as well as browsing a list of the top ‘staff picks’ from the site’s management team.


This page is hosted on Reddit. Reddit allows users to up-vote or down-vote submissions of almost anything you can think of. The Entrepreneur section of the site specifically deals with startup companies. You can share advice and thoughts with other entrepreneurs, promote your site and check out your competition.


This is another startup site which allows you to pitch your product or service to the world. The Startup Pitch features almost every kind of small business that you can imagine. It’s as simple as filling out a form and waiting for people to find you.


Crunch Base is one of the leading sites for submitting and discovering new and innovative companies. It also focuses on the people behind the startup sites, which is a great idea if you want to get your name out there as well as your product.


Startup Beat is a site for the world’s most innovative startups. You can submit company pitches and articles related to your startup, and also browse interviews and advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs.


Killer Startups is another site for promoting your new and exciting startup. You can submit a detailed profile of your startup on the site, and they’ll give it an honest review. It’s a great way to get noticed and also get some honest feedback.


I Am Wire is a great place to share your startup. It’s a platform specifically for entrepreneurs and innovators, and supports early-stage technology and ideas. You can submit a profile for your startup, including its history, what it offers and why it’s so great.


StartUpLift allows users to submit their own startup and leave feedback for others, too. You can share your startup’s website, ethos, target audience and purpose. You can also search for people to help test your product out if it’s in its early stages.


Pressfarm is unique in that it allows you to search for journalists who will write about your startup. It’s a useful way of getting your name out there, and your brand recognised. You can search by subject to find a journalist who specialises in your company’s area.


BetaList is designed specifically for very early stage startups and businesses. Business owners can advertise their site and offer early access to interested clients. The site has been around for a while, and many famous startups started out here.


Product Hunt is a site with over 90,000 subscribers. Don’t be fooled by the names – it’s not just for physical products. It allows you to advertise software, apps and websites too. It’s totally free and users can vote on each product to determine its rank on the site.


Software Suggest is a site tailored to startups that offer software for businesses. It helps businesses to find software that they need, based on their personal requirements. It also allows users of your software to review it, to help you build a reputation.


CrowdCube helps you find funding directly through their platform. So far, startups have raised an incredible £466 million (and counting) from online investors. It’s basically crowdfunding meets startups.


Startup Blink is a worldwide site which not only allows you to submit your startup, but also pinpoint your company’s location on a map. It’s great for companies which want to target clients in specific areas of the world.


Siftery advertises the new, up-and-coming websites and services for businesses. It’s currently advertising over 12,000 new products. The site has the ability to make personalised recommendations for business owners based on their company and their needs. You might just find a client who loves what you do.


AngelList is a unique site which connects business owners directly to investors, and potential employees. It allows startups to find new employees, and fundraise to help launch their company. Some companies have raised hundreds of thousands of pounds through AngelList, so it’s definitely worth checking out.


InnMind is a community which connects startup owners, investors and potential partners. Users can submit their startup, rate other startups, and filter by many different categories including location, development stage and company age.


The great thing about Launching Next is that it allows users to subscribe to an email list, which sends info on the newest startups every day. If you submit your startup, it’ll be featured on the site and also delivered straight to email inboxes!


All Startups is a diverse website which allows submissions from all types of new companies. You can share an image, description and other information about your startup. Users can then comment with feedback.


Y Combinator directly provides seed funding for startups – the little bit of money you might need to get your company started. It’s quick and easy to apply. Once your company has launched, Y Combinator lists you in their directory, which is publicly viewable, helping you get exposure.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. There are many different tactics you can use to help your business grow. But by taking advantage of these 20 awesome websites, your startup will be on its way to success and fame in no time at all.