5 Trends That Will Shape HR In 2019

5 Trends That Will Shape HR In 2019

The workplace is evolving, and it’s time for us to evolve with it. Human Resources (HR) is one of the fields that’s changing most rapidly, and this is leaving a lot of professionals unsure where they stand. The good news is that while these changes bring new challenges, they also bring new opportunities for growth at all levels.

HR professionals and leaders already have a lot to stay up to date with. From technological developments to automation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, if you don’t keep up with the changes of today (and tomorrow), you’ll simply be left behind. It’s time to look forward with these 5 trends that will shape HR in 2019 and beyond.

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1. New Hiring Systems

One of the biggest changes to the world of HR has to do with hiring. In both large and small organizations, HR leaders often take charge of hiring efforts. In this increasingly competitive talent market, attracting and retaining top candidates is harder than ever.

New hiring systems make it simpler to get the best candidates quickly. Gone are the days of pouring through endless applications and having the top talent get lost in the chaos.

Now, thanks to the rise of Applicant Tracking Systems, it’s easier than ever to have the best candidates stand out quickly. This allows HR manages to have more time to spend finding the best fit amongst the top players. To learn more about ATS, explore

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2. Flexible Workplaces

Another big change on the horizon is the evolving workplace itself. Soon, working 9-5 schedules in an office will be just a memory. For workers that are struggling with feelings of burn out and overwhelm, this couldn’t be more welcome.

We’re entering a new era of outsourcing, freelancing, and remote work. Full-time workers are now enabled to work from anywhere, whether that be from home or elsewhere. In addition, businesses of all sizes are hiring freelancers and third-party agencies to get extra help when they need it. This is a new digital workspace that HR leaders will need to help businesses navigate.

3. Partner with IT

As technology becomes a mainstay in the workplace, HR will be working closely with IT to ensure there is a strong relationship between workers and tech tools. This goes back to the myth that automation will be stealing jobs.

While it might not steal jobs, it will definitely change them. It’s up to HR leaders to foster this transition, and that will mean working alongside IT professionals.

4. Improving Diversity

It’s no secret that many companies today are sorely lacking in diversity. This diversity is found at a number of levels, and it affects women, minorities, and people from different backgrounds. In fact, there are fewer women run large companies than men named John.

It’s up to HR to take the front lines with this diversity issue. Since HR is often in charge of hiring decisions, it’s up to these leaders to fight bias and create workplaces built on equality. It’s not going to be a quick fight, but it’s one worth winning.

5. Fostering Soft Skills

Finally, one of the latest trends in HR is the rise of soft skills. Soft skills are things like positive attitude, critical thinking, organizational skills, and so on. These were things that were usually thought of as “less important” in the past, but they’re suddenly at the forefront today. These are the skills of future leaders, so it’s up to HR leaders to make sure they have the chance to shine.

How will this transition to a soft skill focused workplace happen? It won’t be overnight. There’s still a stigma against things like liberal arts education and other types of experience. Tech skills and business savvy still reign supreme, but the landscape is changing little by little. Once again, it’s up to HR to take up arms in this fight.

Welcome to the New HR

The new HR of tomorrow is one based on bringing change to the workplace. As you can see, these are a lot of trends already that are changing the way we do our work every day. From remote work to automation, it’s up to HR to help both executives and staff work together to adapt.

Are you ready for these new challenges? What role will you play in the new trends, and what else do you see on the horizon after 2019?