5 Killer Email Templates all Recruitment Agencies Need

5 Killer Email Templates all Recruitment Agencies Need

Aside from headhunting, recruitment is very much a numbers game. After all, you could spend an hour crafting a perfect email—introducing yourself to somebody you’re completely convinced is perfect for the job – but if they don’t open it, that’s an hour wasted. Far better is to invest a smaller amount of time, and communicate on a more personal level once candidates reply and make their interest obvious.

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This is where email templates come in. With templates, you can drastically cut down on the time it takes to contact candidates and create a shortlist. To help you do just that, here is our list of recruitment email templates guaranteed to get results.

Interview Emails

When sending an email to invite an applicant to interview, make sure to include any information the candidate will need. This includes the date, time and place of the interview, as well as the name of the interviewer. If your client’s office is tricky to find, include directions to its location. Keep the tone professional, but also friendly.

Assignment Emails

Your assignment email is a sign to the candidate that they’re being considered for the next stage of your application process. So, while they might be excited, you have to keep your tone measured. Here’s what we mean.

Rejection Emails

Rejection emails are tough to get right, especially if the candidate has already come in for an interview. You need to employ a professional and serious tone.

Offer Emails

Your offer email should be formal but friendly. After all, this is where you officially tender the offer to the candidate; it should be serious, but it’s a happy occasion, too.

Onboarding Emails

Your onboarding email should be the most enthusiastic, most welcoming and generally the friendliest email you send—both for the new hire’s sake and your own, since you can finally celebrate a job well done.

So, are you ready to strengthen your recruitment process at every step? And are you ready to engage with candidates more than ever before? Give our templates a try, and you’ll be well on your way to strengthening and speeding up your recruitment processes.