3 of the Most Under-Used Email Recruitment Tips Guaranteed to Attract New Candidates

3 of the Most Under-Used Email Recruitment Tips Guaranteed to Attract New Candidates

Recruitment can be a thankless task. Some days, you’ll put in a hard shift and get no luck; other days, everything seems to go your way. The trouble? It’s difficult to tell what will make one day a success, and another day… Not so successful. So how do can you make sure that you grab a candidate’s attention, and start really getting through to them?

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Here’s how. Use our candidate email outreach tips and templates to ensure you get those key candidates on board. At the end of this article, you’ll be well on your way to getting more replies, more engagement and more vacancies filled.

Less Is More

When you’re trying to get through to potential candidates (whether they are in a current position or they are unemployed) you have to keep things simple. That’s why you should always remember that less is more.

  • The longer the email your candidate has to read, the less likely that they’ll read it and reply to you.
  • Long subject lines are bad. They put the recipient off by giving them too much to read and revealing too much of what you’re trying to say, instead of intriguing them to open your email.

Always Be Closing (even in your emails!)

We’re sure that you’re familiar with the sales term always be closing (or ‘ABC’). Well, sales and recruitment are two peas in a pod. In sales, you have to keep your eye on moving the customer towards a sale at every stage of your interaction. In our case, that’s moving our contacts into the interview and recruitment process.

That’s why at every point during your email, you should be aimed at ‘closing the deal’. Here’s an example to illustrate what we mean.

Add Personalised Touches to Your Email Content

It’s important that you get the ratio of personalisation right. Why? Because you want to send as many emails as possible, but not have them come across as mass marketing. Today’s internet-savvy demographics can spot unedited templates from a mile away, so it’s important that if you do use a template, you add at least one or two personalised touches to mitigate that.

There are all sorts of ways to make your emails more personal. Chief among them is to make sure that you use your potential candidate’s name! A top tip is to use the candidate’s CV to garner information about them—their experience, their career wishes and more. If you are still unsure about the word count or how to get the balance right with your emails, check out this article.

Ready to Get Started?

So, if you think you’re ready, we’ve brought together each of the tips above into a readymade template for you to use. Underneath the template, we’ve also included a section of notes, so that you can see each of the tips in action.

So now you’re ready to review you current processes and look at sending out that killer email. If you get it right (which you will) you will definitely reach more of those golden goose candidates that your clients will be stunned by. Also you’ll probably want to make sure you’re not falling into any of these email clichés as this can be as bad as not sending out an email at all.