Is Email Marketing Still the King of the Jungle?

Is Email Marketing Still the King of the Jungle?

Email marketing has proven to be just as strong and maybe even more effective than any PPC, SEO or SMM (social media marketing) advertising campaign. Although it may not be the flashiest or newest approach to marketing, but time after time, companies have found the ROI far greater than any alternative marketing solutions out there.

Effective, segmented email marketing campaigns allow you to quickly distribute information to a targeted audience who are likely to be interested in what you’ve got to say about your brand or business. So whether you have an exciting new offer or product, email marketing can soon pique the interest of your future, current and past customers, ensuring as a business you have the best channel to promote their services and goods with the best chance of reaching your goals of making profit!

email marketing jungle

So, What Makes a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

On any given day, most people’s inboxes will be flooded with a barrage of emails. Understanding that you have to cut through that noise is the only way to ensure your email marketing strategy is effective. In recent years email marketing has seen drastic innovation through consumer psychology, updated analytical tools and more, to provide a time efficient, cost effective service with a high ROI. Let’s get into these points in a little more depth.

Personalised Emails

One way of ensuring success through an email marketing campaign is through personalised emails that really grab the attention of your audience. Many companies have reaped the rewards that personalisation offers through high return on investment. Personalised emails have been found to improve the click-through rate by an average of 14%. The ability to effectively personalise emails and communications should therefore be the number one priority for successful marketing strategists.

There are more options now for personalisation than ever, with inventive ways to personalise emails based upon the audience’s preference and behaviours: using their names, only sending emails targeted to men/women/families based on customer data, and recommending products based on their past browsing behaviours. Being able to effectively appeal to your audience’s specific tastes is the future of email marketing. Your email strategy can be continuously adjusted and optimised to ensure the best results are achieved. For example through testing two different email campaigns side by side to see which ones work better. By using a personalised service you’re letting your customers know that you’re dedicated to delivering an enhanced customer service.

Alongside an increase in profits, personalised email marketing campaigns can help you build a stronger and more loyal customer base when they receive emails that make them feel valued as a customer. Options include sending birthday discounts or offers and rewarding their loyalty to your business!

Email Automation

The question remains: how is it possible to do that if you have a list of former and current customers that’s in the thousands? Through the power of a CRM that offers email marketing functionality. Email automation allows you to create marketing sequences with ease, and more importantly affordability. To new contenders to the email marketing arena, automation enables the easy creation of pre-built email sequences of emails that are sent out to individuals on your list when they meet a certain criteria. When using email automation, you’ll be able to analyse data which tells you exactly which emails they’ve opened, replied to and if they have followed the email through to your website, even down to what pages they visited.

A great example of this would be a customer who frequently visits the pricing page on your website who hasn’t actually purchased a product or service yet. This information could be used to send targeted, time limited offers to customers who have shown an apprehension in investing in your goods or services. To put it simply, email automation allows you to take your personalised service to the next level when you put to use the information you have learned from your leads and subscribers. This allows you to reduce the amount of time allocated on managing your strategies by enabling you to spend time on the leads that are most likely to engage with your communication. Sending the correct emails through to the right customers at strategic points in the customers purchase cycle can increase conversions by an incredible 133%.

Setting a Clear Objective

Before you undertake an email marketing campaign, it is advised to iron out a solid objective of what you’re trying to achieve through your campaign. Are you looking for more leads? A more engaged audience? More sales? Creating ‘goals’ with your email strategies can help you quickly determine hot and cold leads.

Big Benefits

Upselling to Existing Customer Base
Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing is the only effective channel through which your customers ask to receive your correspondence by signing up for your updates. This significantly increases the conversion rates as you’re only targeting those who already have an interest in your business. For this reason, it is highly recommended to acquire customers organically rather than paying for a list for email marketing purposes.

Cost Effectiveness
Perhaps the most obvious benefit to email marketing is the lower investment required to other marketing channels such as PPC, SEO, social media marketing or advertisements on billboards, in magazines or on a TV channel. The overheads for sending thousands of emails at the same time is minimal in comparison to other avenues you can take which offer no way near the same ROI which is typically 4400% of your initial investment– that’s £44 for every £1 spent!

Avoid spamming your subscribers and making them hit that unsubscribe button by segmenting your mailing list appropriately. For example, if you are running a promotion in a certain location, you can choose to arrange the emails to be sent out to clients who are only local to that part of the country.If you’re looking fo some more help with how to grow your subscribers, you might want to check this out.

Calls to Action
Not many people can resist the temptation of an impulse purchase when it looks too good to refuse. Email marketing is the perfect way of taking advantage of this, you can allow your customer to reach the checkout in two clicks of a button through a cleverly devilish tactics that are proven to work if you start to incorporate consumer psychology within your email marketing.

So to wrap things up..If you’ve only tried traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper advertisements, radio advertising, magazine articles, flyers etc, email marketing can be a great place to start as it can be simple to try, but it will also give you more insight into how your marketing budget is being spent. For example – you’ll be able to see exactly how many people viewed your email, how many people made a purchase as a direct result of that email and much more. Give it a go – we definitely think you will be surprised with the results.