Killer Automated E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

Killer Automated E-Commerce Email Marketing Strategies You Should Be Using

Looking for a way to increase your return on investment with your email marketing strategies? We’ve put together this handy guide for E-Commerce businesses on each and every one of our top automated email strategies just for you.

This article will cover exactly how to set up your very own automated email marketing strategies, and offers some expert tips and ideas to give you the edge over your competitors.

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How To Setup an Email Automation Strategy for E-Commerce

It’s easier than ever to set up email automation software that allows you to send emails to your subscribers when triggered by a specific event, consumer activity or date. In fact, it’s the easiest and most time effective way to build relationships with your audience in every step of the customer journey.

To build an effective strategy you’ll need a concrete goal of what you wish to achieve before you start firing off emails. It could be anything:

  • Connecting with a wider audience,
  • Selling more items,
  • Boosting customer loyalty,
  • Encouraging repeat sales,

Or, really, anything you like. These goals are what you’ll be aiming to achieve with your automation: so say if you want to encourage repeat sales, you’ll set up your CRM to automatically email former customers with recommendation. Another example, statistics show that you can boost your sales by up to 16% by sending follow up emails after carts have been abandoned, potential customers have just subscribed or made their first purchase. Events like these are going to be your best starting point for setting up a basic email automation strategy.

By far the best way to boost sales through email automation is proven to be the abandoned cart follow-up email, which we’ve described in more detail down below. It is important to never underestimate the importance of reminding your customers about products that they’ve forgotten to buy. Abandoned cart emails purposefully tailored to give them a polite nudge back onto your website.

The product follow-up is also a potent weapon in marketing. Say you run an E-Commerce store that sells vinyl records & HiFi equipment and your client has just ordered a new LP. Why not tempt them to buy a new turntable? The key here is to personalise each shopper’s email marketing experience by using data on consumer behaviour, and tailoring content intended to pique their interest and convince them to come back— and spend more.

Email Automation Strategies to Consider

Remember that you have to do plenty of analysis and testing to determine the best email marketing strategy for your business. You can use tools such as A/B testing to see what works best for your unique mailing list.

Over time, you’ll learn important information about your consumers behaviour that allows you to develop a killer strategy that drives click-through rates, consumer engagements, relationships between you and your customers. More importantly, automated emails will drive up that ROI that you were looking to achieve through your email marketing. Establishing the best time of day and day of the week is crucial to the effectiveness of our strategy. You’ll also want to consider the tone and language you are using to communicate with your audience. So above all else, keep your automated emails relevant!

To make sure you start your strategy on the best foot or simply revamp your approach to drive more sales we’ve put together a few strategies that have been proven to keep your customers clicking, and better yet, to keep them buying.

It’s no secret that E-Commerce businesses aren’t short of competition. Here are just a few of the ways that you could carve out a niche or build a steady, loyal customer base:

  1. Welcome Gifts
    First time gifts or offers are the perfect way to get people to subscribe to your mailing list. There’s nothing more tempting than an exclusive offer as an incentive to join your mailing list and make their first purchase. Once subscribed, you can set your CRM software to automatically fire your new subscribers a friendly reminder of their exclusive offer, just in case it slips their mind. The welcome gift can be anything from free delivery, a 10% discount or a free gift with their first orders.
  2. Cross Selling
    For visitors to your E-Commerce site that haven’t quite become your new customers, there are plenty of ways to nudge them back into the checkout section of your website. One of the most effective ways is cross-selling: automatically email your potential customers of the availability of their viewed products and show them similar products that they may have missed out on. It’s simple enough to have your CRM software do just that with basic customer/site information.
  3. Follow Ups
    If your automated email has gone unread, there’s no harm in following up after 48 hours, it keeps your brand fresh in their mind whilst developing a relationship between you and your future customers. If you’ve noticed that potential customers are putting items in their carts without checking out, remind them of their abandoned cart, they could have been distracted by anything! Customers may also like to be reminded of time-limited offers and items that they’ve forgotten about which have been in their wish lists for a while.
  4. Bring Customers Back In
    Ensure you have separate mailing lists to differentiate between existing customers and potential customers. This allows you to automatically send relevant information that your audience is more likely to positively respond to. Picking up your customers digital body language is often key here, for example; if a regular customer hasn’t bought anything for a while, have your CRM software email them after- say- two weeks to remind them of what they’re missing out on.
  5. Keep Content Flowing
    People subscribe to your mailing list because they want to hear from you. Treat your loyal subscribers to regular content which is distributed on a consistent basis. This could come in the form of monthly or weekly automated newsletters to let your audience know about exciting new products in your store, exclusive offers, or you could pique their interest with your blog posts about subjects related to your niche! It’s as simple as making sure that you have one or two month’s worth of content ready to send out, and setting your CRM to send it to your customers whenever’s best.

We cannot express the importance of personalising your communications with your customers and future customers enough. By identifying customers who are interested in your products and sending them automated emails to ensure you stay fresh in their minds you will see a steady rise in revenue and an eye-watering percentage on that ROI.